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Tank Container

Qingdao Headway International Logistics Co.,Ltd provides domestic logistics support for several tank owners. We have a high-quality operation team and an experienced tank container operation team.From empty tank inspection, tank container quotation, picking and loading, to unloading the goods and returning empty in destination, our company is equipped with a perfect management and tracking system to ensure that the goods are smoothly and safely delivered to the customers.

Dangerous Goods Container

Qingdao Headway International Logistics Co.,Ltd is a registered dangerous booking agent of COSCO、YML、KMTC、WHL、CUL、IAL in Qingdao Port.

Special Packaging

Qingdao Headway International Logistics Co.,Ltd has a professional operation team and special operating experience for special types of cargo, especially for Class 2 gases such as limited packaging and inspection certificate; Class 5 of sensitive goods such as Sodium Dichloro Isocyanurate &Trichloro Isocyanurate Acid ; our operation of the temporary import and export of tank containers and steel cylinders have won the trust of manufacturers and trading companies.


Qingdao Headway International Logistics Co.,Ltd provides customers with cost-effective flexibag service. Flexibag is a new type of flexible packaging for storing and transporting non-dangerous liquids, which is widely used in industrial products and non-dangerous liquefied chemical products, easy to load and unload, and now it’s one of the most popular shipping methods for chemical products.


Our company has many years operating experience for open top containers and frame containers for loading large machinery and equipment, special tires, steel coils, glass, steel structures and other products,we can provide professional and effective packing services.

Overseas Business

Our company has a strong overseas agency network, covering Europe, the United States and Canada, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Central and South America and other countries and regions. While providing customers with comprehensive and efficient services such as exwork, dap, ddp, etc., we can now provide tanks container yard storage, cleaning, maintenance and other special services, truly realize one-stop and door-to-door service.

Air Transportation Business

As the agent of ANA, KH, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, etc., we can offer reliable space to ensure that your goods are shipped on time and offer tailor-made cargo plans that meet customer transportation needs and logistics transshipment solution, as well as cargo tracking and feedback services.

Route Contact

Qingdao Headway International Logistics Co.,Ltd is the first-line booking agent of COSCO, CMA, YML, WHL, KMTC, Zim, EMC, cul, ial, Maersk and other shipping companies. At present, it is the dangerous goods booking agent of COSCO, YML, KMTC, WHL, cul and ial registered in Qingdao Port. It is one of the few international logistics companies with dangerous goods booking qualification with complete resources in Qingdao port.